Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Are The Do-s And Don't-s Of Contact Lens Wear?

1.Always wash hands before handling contact lenses.

2.Always cleanse and disinfect contact lenses properly after each use.

3.Clean and air-dry the contact lenses case everyday. Wash and boil the lens case once a week and replace the lens cases regularly.

4.Follow the lens care instructions of your eye-care professional exactly.

5.Do not reuse solutions. Discard used solutions immediately.

6.Do not use home-made saline.

7.Do not store contact lenses in non-sterile fluids such as distilled water or tap water.

8.Do not wear an over-aged or damaged contact lens.

9.Arrange for periodic eye examination (at least once a year) by an eye-care professional.

10.Check with your eye-care professional or doctor before you apply any eye drops, as any eye drops, including non-prescription ones, can interact with all types of contact lenses.

11.Remove the lens immediately if the eye turns red or uncomfortable while wearing contact lenses. If the problem persists, consult your eye-care professional or doctor immediately.

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