Friday, September 4, 2009

Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses With Quality & Innovation

Acuvue brand contact lenses, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, have opened many of their competitor's eyes in the contact lens marketplace. They have demonstrated to supply the world's most popular brands of lenses purchased online and the retail sector, and the Acuvue lens line seem to always be advancing beyond the competition!

Acuvue products currently include their line of Acuvue disposable, Acuvue toric, Acuvue bifocal, and Acuvue color lenses. But their new edition is the latest enhancement in the vision wear industry, which is the Acuvue® Advance™ with Hydraclear™ !

It has claimed to be the next innovative echelon of comfort for your eyes! This exceptional lens provides three times more oxygen than the leading contact lens, and is proven to last up to nine hours of normal use!

What makes this acuvue lens unique is the remarkable Hydraclear™ , a Vistacon brand name for a moisture-rich wetting agent that permeates the new Acuvue® Advance™ and creates a silky-soft feel that adds extreme comfort all day for your eyes! This lens will also experience very little protein build-up, and offer the highest level of UV blocking sun protection available in today's vision lens market (however, they still claim you should wear your regular UV-absorbing eyewear for overall protection).

Not only are you receiving the best Acuvue lenses available today, but you also have the confidence of a company that provides dependability and affordability! Acuvue products are manufactured by one of the most recognized names in the eyecare industry known for quality and value.

Depending on how often you replace your lenses, whether it be every week, or two weeks, the average cost of your new Advance lens will cost less than an average cup of coffee per day!

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